Rocky Mountain National Park

On the heels of my crotchety Arches post, here comes my cranky RMNP suggestion: quiet campgrounds, free of screaming children, free of bros tripping on mushrooms, free of a capella groups practicing with acoustic guitar accompaniment, free of neighboring tents a-rockin’ in the early evening… Due to close quarters in the campground, we sought out,… Continue reading Rocky Mountain National Park

Canyonlands, Land of Rock Cairns

We took a slight detour in our route from the Grand Canyon in order to pass through Monument Valley, since I grew up on old-school Westerns and couldn’t pass up the chance to see the land made famous by John Ford. Canyonlands was the brainchild of former Arches superintendent and all-around western wilderness adventurer Bates… Continue reading Canyonlands, Land of Rock Cairns