You’re So Money, Baby

I still have a tough time believing that Dan had never been to Las Vegas before this trip. We stayed in Downtown Vegas, leaving the Old Gal in a covered parking lot to enjoy the July heat wave on foot.

The mini-horse race, AKA the Sigma Derby, was packed every time we tried to play.

We added Vegas to the itinerary in part because Dan really had to experience its classic American extravagance before we become temporary ex-pats. Also, on a whim back in March, we bought tickets to see Iron Maiden – seeing them in Las Vegas just seemed appropriate! One of my best friends and her boyfriend were able to join us over the Fourth of July holiday, too.

File_000 (10)

The Maiden show was phenomenal, even though the T-Mobile Arena didn’t turn on the air conditioning until Bruce Dickinson took the stage. We sat up in the nosebleed seats and still got the full effect of the band’s theatrics – pyrotechnics! costume changes! inflatable Eddie and goat head!

#terribleconcertphotos, I know.

Thanks to Cara’s planning, we got to tour the boneyard at the Neon Museum. The museum is relatively new, and works to restore and preserve neons as a part of Las Vegas history. Most of the signs are works in progress so the museum doesn’t light them other than exterior spotlights, but you still can see shapes, techniques, and other aspects of classic neon. The signs they’ve restored are pretty spectacular, and many of those line the boulevards in Las Vegas rather than being confined to the boneyard.

After good food, fun drinks and great times with friends, we hit the road towards Sequoia, trading tall buildings for massive trees.

File_000 (7)


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