Key West

I’d only been to Key West once before, with my friend Melissa and a few others, and I loved it. Dan is a fan of both Hemingway and quirky cites, so naturally we had to spend a few days there. Melissa flew down to Miami and we drove with her across the Overseas Highway.

We had to take Dan to the Green Parrot, amongst a few other classics

Hot tip: every one of you should invest in sunscreen manufacturers because I’ve already gone through half a tube since leaving Brooklyn.

Oh did we eat well. Key West is a paradise for those of us who love seafood. Conch, shrimp, snapper, cobia, Mahi Mahi, and that list would be much longer if we’d stayed more than two days.

Turns out riding a bike is just like riding a bike! Photo credit Melissa Meier
File_000 (4)
Hemingway’s balcony in a rare tourist-free moment

Hemingway’s home is famous for its cat population; I overheard a tour guide say 53 cats at current count. Possibly apocryphal, but the story goes that Hemingway admired a six-toed cat that belonged to a ship captain he knew. When the cat had kittens the captain gave Hemingway one as a gift, who had her own kittens and now the majority, if not all, cats native to Key West are related.

This little polydactyl kitten spied something in the tree and went up after it! Probably climbed up about ten feet.

I won’t subject you to all the cat pictures we took, but rest assured it was an excessive number.

Next we hiked up the 80-some steps to the top of the Key West lighthouse, even though the day was a little foggy from the heat and humidity.

File_000 (2)
The view from the top of the lighthouse towards the southernmost point.

In search of this signpost:


we made our way to Zachary Taylor State Park. We’d gone to a public beach earlier in the day, but I wish we’d discovered this one earlier. It had more shade, nicer water, and was way less crowded.

File_000 (7)
Every picture looked like a postcard – a testament to the beauty of the island, not my photo skills

And finally, an obligatory Key Lime pie from Blue Heaven:



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