Get Out While the Getting’s Good

New York at night has always gotten to me. I love wandering around when the streets aren’t so crowded, when the air is a little colder and more crisp, and the lights brighter. I felt a pang as we drove through Manhattan, out of town for the last time for a long while, Monday night. Then someone laid on the horn on the Bowery, a cab cut me off, and some clad-in-all-black idiot on a cell phone wandered out into traffic directly in front of me. This love affair with New York City may not be over, but we definitely need a break to reevaluate our relationship.

Moving day Monday. Rainy. Always more to pack. How did we accumulate so much? Took eight hours more than anticipated.

Our block Guernsey Street, often called the Prettiest Block in Brooklyn
Bye apartment, thanks for all the memories!

Weather again put me through my paces on this leg: thunderstorms and heavy rain in New Jersey led to torrential downpour in Virginia that occasionally turned into hail. In North Carolina, we seemed to drive the border between two weather fronts, with dark thunderheads on our left and gorgeous bright sun on the other. Dan changed our course once because he saw a funnel cloud, and several times we’d drive through a deluge so heavy I couldn’t see taillights only to emerge into almost immediately blinding sunlight. I’d ask what else the weather could throw at us, but I’m superstitious and can think of a few answers.

And of course NC couldn’t have been prettier today.

Sunday we leave North Carolina and take to the road for real.


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