Acadia, aka Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Photo above: Rebecka at Jordan Pond, looking towards North and South Bubble Rocks

Got my corned beef and cabbage out of the way early this past Tuesday, courtesy of my dear friend Steven:

The past ten years, I’ve spent this day behind various bars. My Guinness game and my Jameson-pouring arm are strong, but we’re changing up old patterns this year.

The initial plan was to hike up Acadia’s Cadillac Mountain in the dark because it sees the first sunrise in the United States. Tuesday’s storm made us reconsider. We put in over five miles on two very different trails yesterday:

Jordan Pond Loop was snowy and rocky but fairly flat (3.4 mi.); loop around Great Head was steep and windy with incredible ocean views (2.1 mi.)


We decided their snow-packed conditions, combined with overnight temperatures in the low teens, suggested that attempting to summit the mountain in the dark was beyond our current skill level. Driving through Winter Storm Stella on Tuesday was hairy enough for one trip. We’ll revisit today in the bright sunlight.

Some of my favorite pictures from 3.16:


Sand Beach, on the way to the Great Head loop
Dan and the Atlantic Ocean
My great-grandfather grew up in Maine and built the family cabin in the North Woods of Wisconsin because it reminded him of home. I can see why here.


North Bubble Rock across Jordan Pond
Jordan Pond as the clouds roll in

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